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Chicken House is full of beetles, battles, wild horses, longbows, dangerous games and time-slip love stories in the first half of 2015. There was a huge amount of interest in all of our list at both Bologna and LBF, so do get in contact fast if you want to see anything …


BEETLE BOY is the first part of a middle-grade trilogy by debut author M. G. Leonard. 13-year-old Darkus Cuttle's search for his kidnapped father leads him to discover a mountain of extraordinary beetles and pits him against the mad scientist of fashion, Lucretia Cutter – a haute-couture villainess with an alarming interest in beetles. We sent the manuscript out before Bologna, and in less than 24 hours had a pre-empt offer. So far, we've sold it to Canada, USA, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Latin America, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Denmark, Russia and World English Language Audio.


CROW MOUNTAIN by Lucy Inglis is a sweeping tale of love, legacy and wilderness, set in the dramatic landscape of Montana between the present day and 1866 – perfect for ages 14 to 100. This has been sold to Canada, USA and Germany, and the manuscript is available.


STORM HORSE by Nick Garlick is an evocative, classic middle-grade novel about a lonely boy, a mute girl and a horse rescued from a storm-whipped sea. So far we’ve sold STORM HORSE to Canada, The Netherlands and USA. The manuscript is available.


DARKMERE by Helen Maslin is a fresh and contemporary YA take on the popular gothic love story – it's full of wild storms, parties by candlelight, ghost sightings, hidden tunnels and an eighteenth-century avenging heroine. Manuscript is available now! So far, DARKMERE has been sold to Germany.


THE BLACK LOTUS by Kieran Fanning is the first in an action-packed series for ages 10 and up. It follows a group of children with exciting superhero-like abilities who are junior recruits of the Black Lotus, a school for ninjas. The manuscript is available. 


KILLER GAME by Kirsty McKay is a gripping psychological whodunnit for ages 10 and up, which twists the popular everyday school games of Tag, Chase, Assassin and Murder in the Dark into something darkly real. KILLER GAME has been sold to Canada, USA and Germany, and the manuscript is available now. 


And last but not at all least, one of the highlights of Frankfurt will shortly be ready to shoot over to you. LONGBOW GIRL by Linda Davies is a thrilling and romantic adventure centring around schoolgirl Merry Owen, who finds a chest containing an ancient Welsh text that leads her into a past filled with treasure, secrets and danger – perfect for all warriors over 10. Manuscript available in MAY. LONGBOW GIRL has been sold to Canda, USA, Germany and Wales, and the manuscript will be available in June.


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