You Don't Know Me (eBook)
Sophia Bennett
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Format: eBook
Age: 13+ & YA
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ISBN: 9781908435804

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What happens if you betray your best friend on TV in front of millions?

The whole world lines up to judge you.

It was all so good. Sasha and Rose. Best friends in a band, singing together. Right up to the finals of Killer Act when the judges tell them one of them must go.

Suddenly their friendship is put to the ultimate test.

On TV in front of millions …

Two girls. One huge mistake.

Can they ever forgive each other?

It’s funny how fifteen minutes can change your life. Sometimes people ask me: would you do it again, knowing what happened? I’ve thought

I'm now the proud owner of an iPhone. I use it all the time. But what if your precious phone tells you that the whole world hates you? I wanted to write a story about the best and worst of the internet, and about other things that matter more, and last longer - like writing songs, and friendship. And so Sasha Bayley and the Manic Pixie Dream Girls were born …

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