The Road of the Dead
Kevin Brooks
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UK Price: £6.99
Format: Paperback
Age: 13+ & YA
Size: 198x129mm
Extent: 320pp
ISBN: 978-1-905294-26-8
Publication date: January 2007
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Late one night, two brothers learn that their sister has died in the worst way imaginable.

She’s found, strangled, in a desolate place hundreds of miles from their East London home.

Ruben is the smarter of the two brothers, with a gift for getting into other people’s hearts; Cole may be older, but he’s a devil’s angel who doesn’t care if he lives or dies. Together, they set out to find their own answers and retrace Rachel’s final journey.

A heart-stopping, heart-breaking thriller about three ill-fated siblings and the love, and blood, that runs between them.


'For teenagers who like a good crime mystery packed with atmosphere, this is a must-read ... '
Birmingham Post
' ...You can taste the blood in your mouth as you read this... '
Philip Ardagh, Guardian
'... will have you gasping for breath ... '
' ... brutal ... I'd give it to any boy ... '

When the Dead Man got Rachel I was sitting in the back of a wrecked Mercedes wondering if the rain was going to stop. I didn’t want it to stop. I was just wondering. It was late, almost midnight.


"The trees spoke to me of dying breaths."

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