Taken (eBook)
David Massey
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UK Price: £7.99
Format: eBook
Age: 13+ & YA
Size: N/A
Extent: N/A
ISBN: 978-1-908435-98-9
Publication date: March 2013

World English (Excluding USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand)


When hope is all you have, survival is all you can fight for …


A crew of five young adventurers are toughing it out together, sailing around the world on a gruelling charity challenge. They are used to being pushed to the limit, but nothing could have prepared them for being kidnapped. When they are taken hostage by a notorious warlord and his band of child soldiers, the trip of a lifetime turns into a one-way journey into the heart of the African jungle.

From the winner of the Lancashire Book Award 2013

"TAKEN is a tale of human strength and courage in the face of adversity. Ever since my first visit I’ve wanted to tell a story about the old, broken Africa and the new, emerging Africa – the one embodied by Nelson Mandela. TAKEN is a story of courage, love and forgiveness. It’s about understanding your enemy because sometimes your enemy may have a story too."

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