Stolen (eBook)
Lucy Christopher
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Format: eBook
Age: 13+ & YA
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ISBN: 978-1-908435-18-7
Publication date: February 2012
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In a moving letter to her captor, 16-year-old Gemma relives her kidnapping from Bangkok Airport while on holiday.

Taken by Ty, her troubled young stalker, to the wild and desolate Australian Outback she reflects on a landscape from which there’s no escape. In a story of survival, passion and darkness, Gemma reveals how she had to deal with the nightmare, or die trying to fight it. 


You saw me before I saw you. In the airport, that day in August, you had that look in your eyes, as though you wanted something from me, as though you’d wanted it for a long time.

In some ways, I’ve been preparing all my life to write STOLEN.  I’ve always been obsessed with Australian land.  This obsession began when I moved to Australia as a small child and stayed with me until I took a 3 week trip through the Great Sandy Desert, where STOLEN is set. It’s the most amazing and inspiring landscape - I defy anyone not to want to write about it once they’ve seen it!

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