Saving Mississippi
Cornelia Funke
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UK Price: £5.99
Format: Paperback
Age: 7+
Size: 198x129mm
Extent: 192pp
ISBN: 978-1-906427-51-1
Publication date: July 2010
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World English only

Emma loves to visit Grandma Dolly and her animal sanctuary in the summer holidays.

At home, Emma isn’t even allowed a guinea pig. During one of Emma's visits, her grandmother is asked to take in Mississippi, the beloved horse of her friend, wealthy Mr Clipperbush, who has passed away.

Emma can’t believe her luck when Grandma then gives her Mississippi – a horse of her own. But soon, there’s trouble. Mr Clipperbush’s long-lost nephew wants the horse back – and will stop at nothing to get his way.  What can Emma do? Saving Mississippi means everything.

Jam-packed with quirky animals, resourceful children and all the trademark wit and warmth of bestselling author Cornelia Funke, SAVING MISSISSIPPI is a big-hearted, summertime animal adventure for ages 8+

'A great summer read with kidnappings, mystery, spying and adventure .''
Waterstones Books Quarterly
'A traditional summer adventure – plenty of mystery, resourceful children and loveable animals.'
The Bookseller

As Emma got off the bus, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Oh yes! This was how it ought to smell. Of manure, petrol and damp earth. Of summer holidays with Dolly.

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