C.J. Skuse
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Format: Paperback
Age: 13+ & YA
Size: 198x129mm
Extent: 368pp
ISBN: 978-1-906427-52-8
Publication date: March 2011
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Jody loves Jackson Gatlin.

At his only UK rock concert, she’s right at the front. But when she's caught in the crush and carried back stage she has more than concussion to contend with. Throw in a menacing manager, a super-wired superstar and a Curly Wurly, and Jody finds herself taking home more than just a poster. It’s the accidental kidnapping of the decade. But what happens when you’ve got a rock god in your garage who doesn’t want to leave? Jody’s stuck between a rock idol and a hard place!  

From the pen of C.J. Skuse, author of last year’s super cool debut PRETTY BAD THINGS, comes a tale of rock star obsession gone nuts. Hilariously and sharply explores the fantasy and reality of celebrity worship through a teenager’s eyes. C. J. Skuse has been billed as the new Nick Hornby for teens.

'sharp, funny and knowing'
Martin Chilton, Telegraph Online
' … Rockoholic is a great book ... will have you laughing out loud.'
Books For Company blog
‘...You can tell the author really understands fan girls and I’m guessing has some experience being one by the way she writes...’
Sister Spooky: Book Fangirl blog
' ... intensely funny ... Laugh-aloud slapstick with a dash of romance. It's terrific.'
The Bookseller

To our local newspaper, my grandad’s death was ‘a shocking accident that brought Bristol city centre to a standstill’. To my mum, it was humiliation beyond words and a week’s worth of whispers from her colleagues at the bank. To me, it was a sadness that could fill a dry sea.

"My soliloquy to rock music and rock star love. A moral tale about how the reality is not always better than the fantasy, and vice versa."

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