Reckless (PB Reissue)
Cornelia Funke
Book cover
UK Price: £6.99
Format: Paperback
Age: 10+
Size: 198x129mm
Extent: 352pp
ISBN: 978-1-908435-60-6
Publication date: January 2013

UK only


Through a mirror is a dangerous world.

For years, Jacob Reckless has enjoyed its secrets and treasures. Not any more.

His younger brother has followed him. Now dark magic will turn the boy to beast, break the heart of the girl he loves, and cause chaos to rule forever. Unless Jacob can find a way to save them.

An extraordinary darkly romantic, fantasy thriller from the bestselling author of the INKHEART trilogy, now available in paperback.

Over 50,000 copies of the hardback edition sold in the UK.

The night breathed through the apartment like a dark animal. The ticking of a clock. The groan of a floorboard as he slipped out of his room. All was

"I had been tied to the Middle Ages so it was quite a treat to create a world that was much more 19th Century in its taste, and mix it with elements of modern life and old-fashioned fantasy tales. What also inspired me greatly were the Grimms’ Fairy Tales I was raised with. They haunted me as a child, I was so frightened of them."

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