Lion's Lunch (HB)
Fiona Tierney
Book cover
UK Price: £10.99
Format: Hardback
Age: 7 and Under
Size: 280x230mm
Extent: 32
ISBN: 978-1-906427-04-7
Illustrator: Margaret Chamberlain
Publication date: August 2009
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World Rights     Rights sold: Australia, Canada, Korea, USA

When Lion meets Sarah walking in the jungle singing a happy song, he tells her she shouldn't be there.

Nobody in his  jungle just walks or sings: they prowl, creep, swing, lumber, slither and stampede. Or they roar, yowl, grunt, chatter and harrumph!

Just as Sarah’s about to become the Lion’s Lunch, she tells him she can do something that no one else in the jungle can do ...

With wonderfully vibrant pictures from the illustrator of PINK!, LION'S LUNCH is a beautifully colourful story celebrating the resourcefulness of even the smallest, quietest child.

'This clever tale of courage and confidence teaches an important life lesson in a fun way.'
School Library Journal

"I like the idea of seeing ourselves as others see us (not always flattering!) and that someone weaker can get the upper hand. The pen (or the pencil) can really be mightier than the sword."

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