Inkheart Trilogy Book 3: Inkdeath (eBook)
Cornelia Funke
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UK Price: £7.99
Format: eBook
Age: 10+
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ISBN: 978-1-908435-00-2
Publication date: November 2011
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Life in the Inkworld has been far from easy since the extraordinary events of INKSPELL, when the story of INKHEART magically drew Meggie, Mo and Dustfinger back into its pages.

With Dustfinger dead, and the evil Adderhead now in control, the story in which they are all caught has taken an unhappy turn. Even Elinor, left alone in the real world, believes her family to be lost – lost between the covers of a book.

But as winter comes on there is reason to hope – if only Meggie and Mo can rewrite the wrongs of the past and make a dangerous pact with death.

Moonlight fell on Elinor’s dressing gown, her nightdress, her bare feet, and the dog lying in front of them. Orpheus’s dog. Oh, the way he looked at her with his eternally sad eyes! As if asking himself why, in the name of all the exciting smells in the world, she was sitting in her

"INKDEATH came to life in my new home in Los Angeles.

For the first time, I had enough room to put up all the photographs and paintings that inspired me to write. Hundreds of notes with ideas and plot points covered my bookshelves (yes, I also had room for my books!), and in front of the window my son played.

When I sat down to write the first chapter, it felt like meeting up with very old friends. In the story, only two months have passed since Dustfinger’s death and so it felt for me.

Some of you may know that Rolf, my husband of twenty-six years, became sick and died  shortly before I finished this book.You may wonder if the loss and the grief my children and I felt made me write a story that deals so much with death. But it’s not true. The story was told already, and only a few lines felt wrong and had to be rewritten."

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