Sharon Dogar
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UK Price: £6.99
Format: Paperback
Age: 13+ & YA
Size: 198x129mm
Extent: 368pp
ISBN: 978-1-905294-69-5
Publication date: March 2009
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World Rights     Rights sold: Australia, Canada, Romania, Thailand, USA

FALLING tells the story of Neesh a young Asian girl, haunted by frightening images and voices from the past.

Just when the echoes in her head threaten to overwhelm her, rescue comes unexpectedly from a boy called Sam.

Neesh and Sam find themselves falling in love – but, it turns out, fated to replay a love affair from a previous life that ended in tragedy – unless they can find a way out.

The gripping second teenage novel from Sharon Dogar, the critically acclaimed author of WAVES.

'Powerful and emotional ... '
The School Librarian
' ... a thrilling, moving and thought-provoking book ... an essential read for those who want to be truly transported to other worlds ... '
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I saw a picture once. A picture of a deep blue-green tropical sea; a picture of where the land stopped and the sea began. Only the land didn’t give up straight away; it kept on trying to surface, reappearing in little green islands, small stranded bumps in the sea. Like a necklace, a chain of

I had a picture in my head, and a feeling. You know what it's like when you trip, your stomach goes, and suddenly you're falling through space and about to hit the ground. What if, just before you kiss the concrete, someone caught you? That's how Falling began ...

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