Dreamer Ballerina
Sarah Rubin
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UK Price: £6.99
Format: Paperback
Age: 10+
Size: 198x129mm
Extent: 304pp
ISBN: 978-1-906427-61-0
Publication date: January 2011
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World Rights    Rights sold: Audio World English, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, USA

Looking at her ratty-tatty, used-to-be-white, too-big high-tops, and then at her skinny chicken legs poking up from the ground, you’d never think that Casey Quinn could ever be a ballerina.

But just because Casey can’t do ballet in high-tops doesn’t mean she can’t dance. She has more grace in her pinkie toe than the local pinky-pink, richer girls put together. Casey has a dream to dance in New York - and no one is going to stop her.

Sarah Rubin's DREAMER BALLERINA is a feel-good ballet story to rival BILLY ELLIOT and in the spirit of Noel Streatfeild’s Ballet Shoes.

'Sarah Rubin has created strong, complex and diverse characters'

My right foot comes oh-so-slowly to stand beside my left foot. Then I start swaying - hop to the left, hop to the right. My one-two-step power dance.

I am spinning and swaying on the sidewalk in front of Vicky’s Ballet Studio. Everyone can see, driving by in their shiny new Cadillac cars. A

"I spent most of my childhood in costume, directing my younger siblings in lavish living room productions. After stealing the show as The Littlest Christmas Tree in The Snow Queen Ballet, I finally hung up my dancing shoes in pursuit my one true love: writing."

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