Dream On, Amber (eBook)
Emma Shevah
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UK Price: £6.99
Format: eBook
Age: 7+
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ISBN: 978-1-909489-49-3
Publication date: March 2014

World English (Excluding USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand)

She's Amber Alessandra Leola Kimiko Miyamoto (as if the name makes up for her being tiny!)

Amber is half Japanese and half Italian, and is starting a new school with a caveman phone. But the hardest thing about being Amber is that a big part of her is missing.

Her dad.

He left when she was little and if he isn’t coming back, she’ll have to find a way to make it up to her little sister.

And Amber has a BIG imagination …

So the best place to start is nowhere near the beginning. No major disasters happened when I was a baby. True, I could have won an award for being the freakiest-looking mixed-up baby alive, but basically all I did was the usual icky pukey baby stuff and that was about it.

"Growing up without a dad is difficult: I know because I’ve done it myself. So I got thinking, what if, instead of an empty space, something filled that gap? What if you could talk to your dad as though he was still there, or made one up who was just perfect? Dream On, Amber was the answer to those questions."

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