Big Game (movie tie-in)
Dan Smith
Book cover
UK Price: £6.99
Format: Paperback
Age: 10+
Size: 198x129mm
Extent: 288
ISBN: 9781910002797
Publication date: April 2015

World Rights

A striking movie tie-in edition of the stunningly told, warmly imagined survival story of a boy expected to fail, but whose extraordinary adventure leads him to succeed.

13-year-old Oskari is sent into the cold wilderness on an ancient test of manhood. He must survive armed only with a bow and arrow. But instead, he stumbles upon an escape pod from a burning airliner: Air Force One. Terrorists have shot down the President of the United States.
The boy hunter and the world’s most powerful man are suddenly the hunted, in a race against a deadly enemy.

Crouched in the shadow of a silver birch cluster, I lifted my head and sniffed the breeze. The earthy musk of damp moss and soil filled my nostrils, but there was a hint of something else; something warm and wild.

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