Eireann Corrigan
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Format: Paperback
Age: 13+ & YA
Size: 198x129mm
Extent: 272pp
ISBN: 978-1-906427-56-6
Publication date: July 2010
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How far would you go for attention?

Finn and Chloe have it all figured out. It’s not enough to be clever, good looking or sporty. To get on, you’ve got to get noticed. You’ve got to be famous for something, right? Chloe decides there’s another way to get attention.

She and Finn will stage her own disappearance - and then Finn will be the one who finds and saves her. It seems like a good idea, until things go badly wrong. What seemed victimless isn’t so innocent anymore. And it’s Finn who must deal with the fallout.

' ... haunting and provocative ... '
Publishers Weekly
'Accomplice is a book that will make you question trust and loyalty.'
Wondrous Reads Blog
' ... this well-paced, mature, psychological tale is impossible to put down.'
School Library Journal

The picture they usually use is one from the Activities spread of the yearbook. Chloe’s got denim overalls buckled over a white T-shirt and her hair’s wound into these two loose braids. Like an even blonder version of the girl on the hot chocolate box. She’s gleaming. Beaming. And

“As a teacher at a competitive college prep school, I see firsthand the pressure my students face. Most of us want to be considered extraordinary in some way and, often, the American college application process feeds into that frenzy for recognition. In ACCOMPLICE, two best friends make devastating choices for the sake of fame and acceptance and those decisions irrevocably change their lives.”

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