4th Mar '14



Over on that-there-Twitter, we are running a highly exclusive Fire & Flood signed copy giveaway. We have three UK editions signed by the author, Victoria Scott, and have decided to put you through a test to rival the Brimstone Bleed itself in order to nab one. Here's what you have to do ...

Firstly, make sure you are following us on Twitter: @Chickenhsebooks and then follow these three steps:

1) Design your own Pandora (magical animal companion imbued with a special magical power). Draw or collage or photoshop your Pandora.

2) Change your Twitter avatar to your Pandora this Friday 7th March and tweet to tell us what its special power is. Use #FFPandora and @chickenhsebooks so we can find you.

3) Author @VictoriaScottYA will help pick the best three and we will send the three lucky winners a signed copy each.

As an example I have displayed a picture of my very own attempt at sketching my Pandora and here is the example Tweet:

"My Pandora is 'Chippa' and she spits rotting food from her cheek pouches to ward off enemies

The giveaway is open to entrants from the UK and Ireland only.

Best of luck!


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