18th Jul '13

Subject The Chicken House Little Breakfast London

ByFiona Bradbury

On the sunny, scorching morning of the 18th July, we hosted one of our inimitable Little Breakfast events at the Modern Pantry in London, featuring some of our most exciting authors.

At the party were authors Lucy Christopher (STOLEN, THE KILLING WOODS), Cathryn Constable (THE WOLF PRINCESS), Sandra Greaves (THE SKULL IN THE WOOD), Sam Hepburn (CHASING THE DARK) and Dan Smith (MY FRIEND THE ENEMY), along with many other wonderful ‘book people’ – from booksellers to literary agents to book bloggers!

As we all helped ourselves to ample cups of tea, yummy croissants and fresh orange juice, Barry Cunningham introduced each author to the room. Lucy Christopher, Sandra Greaves, Sam Hepburn and Dan Smith all took to the stage and read from their newest releases. We cowered at images of cackling birds in THE SKULL IN THE WOOD, a boy’s bravery in MY FRIEND THE ENEMY and CHASING THE DARK – along with the truly unsettling opening of THE KILLING WOODS!

After the readings, the authors signed copies of their books and enjoyed brunch with the guests. A very merry time was had by all!

If you would like to know more about our Little Breakfast events, please contact tina@doublecluck.com.

8th Jul '13



Author of THE EXTINCTS, Veronica Cossanteli, spent the weekend searching for her escaped snake Mortifer. Unfortunately, she didn't find him. But she did come across this little chap - who has decided to make her head his home.


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