30th Aug '12

Subject eBooks, PBooks? We ❤ ALL books!


Whilst the digital debate rumbles on as surely as the number 9 Routemaster down Aldwych, we’ve been busy getting all the great eBooks we have to offer up on the Chicken House website.

You will find a number of great teen titles up there already including:

Cornelia Funke’s:





Rachel Ward’s:


Numbers 2: The Chaos

Numbers 3: Infinity

James Dashner’s:

The Maze Runner

The Scorch Trials

The Death Cure

Roderick Gordon & Brian William’s:





And we’ve got more to come soon!

Whilst we crack on with delivering great books across all formats, we’d love to know what you think.

Does the rise of the eBook fill you with dread? Are you a book ‘sniffer’? Do love to curl up with a paperback on the sofa, but love the convenience of a digital reader on the train? Would you buy digital and physical copies of the same book, so you can still show off your shelf-candy? Get in touch via twitter @chickenhousebooks (#Digital), or email us Chickenhouse@doublecluck.com

Oh, and if you love a great debate check out BBC Radio 4’s Front Row Special on the subject.

Happy reading (whatever your format of choice)!


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